24-May-2018Lansing, MI(6 miles)Items Wanted
I'm searching for pots, planters, or items that could be used for planting vegetables in. If anyone has mulch or garden soil, that would be a bonus too.
23-May-2018Lansing, MI(6 miles)Items Wanted
Seeking living room furniture in decent condition. Not picky on color.
I'm looking for past issues of Weight Watchers magazines. Would prefer to pick up at least 5 or more. Any year is fine. Reliable pick up. Thank you!
20-May-2018Lansing, MI(6 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for hostas. If you have extras or are thinning out, I d be happy to take them. Thank you.
20-May-2018Lansing, MI(6 miles)Items Wanted
Hi! The more the better but I will even come pick up one or two so I can eventually collect enough for all my tomato plants. Thanks!!
20-May-2018Lansing, MI(6 miles)Items Wanted
Hello, looking for any color/ amount permanent and dry-erase markers for use for a project. Thanks!
20-May-2018Lansing, MI(6 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for any and all Spongebob items- anything Spongebob related-- stuffed animals, etc. Using for a foundation project. Thanks!
20-May-2018Lansing, MI(6 miles)Items Wanted
I read the THE AMERICAN BICENTENNIAL SERIES: THE KENT FAMILY CHRONICLES years ago. At our church's book sale, I was able to get volumes 2-8. I am missing the very first in this series: THE BASTARD. I would be most appreciative of receiving a copy. I would love to re-read the whole series again. Thanks so much.
20-May-2018Lansing, MI(6 miles)Items Wanted
I will be moving in the next few months and would like to start packing now. I am looking particularly for the size of box in which reams of are contained but can use just about anything. I drive a Honda Accord so please keep that in mind when replying since I may not be able to carry what you have. Thanks in advance.
17-May-2018Okemos, MI(9 miles)Items Wanted
I am the librarian at a small school in Lansing. We will be opening an additional building in the fall. We have a very limited budget, so we are now seeking donations of new or gently used books to build the new collection. Thank you for considering and allowing our future learners to keep reading.
13-May-2018Lansing, MI(6 miles)Items Wanted
Want larger amounts of used or new expired vegetable oil
10-May-2018Lansing, MI(6 miles)Items Wanted
If you are removing a metal roof, I may be able to use it. Thank you!
10-May-2018Lansing, MI(6 miles)Items Wanted
I live in Delta Township and will be moving soon! Need moving boxes of all sizes. I can pick them up anytime. Thank you!!
10-May-2018Lansing, MI(6 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for a book, authored by Joyce Meyer, called 'Beauty For Ashes'. I know I can probably get it at the library, but I'm a bit of a slow reader, and would like to keep this one for future reference. Will come to Lansing. Reliable pick up! Thank You!
9-May-2018Lansing, MI(6 miles)Items Wanted
I belong to an international postcard exchange/club. I send postcards around the world & receive them in return. Postcrossing.com. i am always looking for unused postcards of any kind other than plain. They can be touristy, art, city views, nature, humorous....just anything. I am also always looking for old photo albums to store them in. The old sticky backed kind is fine! Thank you in advance!!
1-May-2018Lansing, MI(6 miles)Items Wanted
I am the librarian at Cole Academy in Lansing. We are opening an additional building in East Lansing this fall. We have a limited budget, so I am looking for gently used and/or new books to begin our collection. Thank you for considering and helping our learners continue to expand their horizons through reading. Please feel free to share this with anyone that might be interested. Thank you!
1-May-2018Lansing, MI(6 miles)Items Wanted
They will multiply & keep making more so we can give them away free to anyone who wants to make kefir. The benefit is they give you superior probiotics better than capsules that we can buy for $30 or so. All we do is put them in some whole milk or 2% in a jar. Then set in a warm place for 12 hrs or more. Next morn you have Kefir which is a sparkling drinkable yogurt. And if you want it to ferme...
1-May-2018Lansing, MI(6 miles)Items Wanted
Need a dolly to move heavy items, boxes.
1-May-2018Lansing, MI(6 miles)Items Wanted
Wanting items. Thank you.
1-May-2018Lansing, MI(6 miles)Items Wanted
Doing a few projects, and was wondering if anyone has any that is just sitting around. Thanks!
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